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Physical Education & Health

Marcy Williamson, PE Teacher

My name is Coach Williamson! 

I am the PE and Health teacher at Sundance Elementary School. PE is going to be challenging, competitive, and fun! Please be sure to check back here for updates and highlights!

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Coach’s PE Challenge for COVID19 Absence

K-2nd Grade PE Challenge Download

3rd -6th Grade PE Challenge Download

The following is a brief description of Sundance Elementary Schools Physical Education program.  This synopsis is by no means an accurate depiction of the program curriculum in its entirety, however, it should give you an idea of what our wellness platform looks like. 

In the Fall in PE classes we focus on opportunities throughout the community that students may have never been exposed to such as: karate, wrestling, yoga, dance (hip hop), roller skating, obstacle courses…many times I bring experts in from the community to help teach new and different activities.  We also focus on the fundamentals and skill work of each sport that the student will be offered once they get to high school, so that they might make an educated decision on their choice of extra-curricular activity as well as giving them a head start in the sport itself.  

Our Winter season consists of our fitness unit which begins with a pre-test to assess the students fitness level and ends with a final assessment to determine the growth of the students fitness level.  This unit lasts several months and includes rigorous exercise.  Examples of these include HIT workouts (High Intensity Training), resistance bungees, station workouts, agility workouts, plyometric workout, cross fit workouts, heavy rope workouts, and strength training (light weight, with high repetition).  The focus of this unit is improvement and growth.  Students must improve their scores from their pre-test or they continue to test until they do; this is a mastery assessment. 

The Spring season consists of PE games and outdoor games along with the preparation for the competition of Field Day.  Students have asked for additional practice time for the competitions that we perform on field day.  This is an interesting evolution that is fueled by the students’ excitement for the day itself. 

Each student gets Physical Education two times per week for 30 minutes. Movement is mandated for 25 minutes of those 30 minutes.

That however, is not where wellness ends at Sundance Elementary School.  Teachers are encouraged to offer students brain breaks such as Go Noodle, Yoga, and Dance Dance Revolution to name a few.  Various teachers in the building do this many times throughout the day.  Many teachers do a type of physical relay race to answer questions for quizzes, and keep the brain at a high state of activity.  I feel that our school is very aware of the benefits of exercise. 

Brain Effects with Physical Activity

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