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Hello Little Bulldogs & Little Bulldog Parents!

I would like to take an opportunity to say how much I enjoy sculpting the minds of young people. Seriously, they give me great joy, keep me young, and make me laugh on a daily basis. They are all a precious gift! Thank you for allowing your children to teach me on a daily basis.

If you ever have a question feel free to contact me. You can call the elementary office and leave a message with Amanda or Sarah, or you can email me at

Make it a super-great day, Ms. Miller


I have discovered, as a teacher, a very innovative tool! As a parent and teacher I always thought it would be wonderful to be able to publish artwork. I have discrovered this is a possibility and only a click away. If you are interested in viewing students artwork just search our museum at Artsonia. It is known as the world’s largest online museum. You are able to order anything from jewelry to t-shirts all with your little one’s beautiful creations. An added plus is that 20% of all purchases go back to the art program right here at Sundance Elementary. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! The only problem is figuring out what to order first?!

Crayola Colorcycle

Art students have been learning about being cognizant of their environmental footprint. Along with Crayola, SES is working together to help in this effort by participating in the Crayola Colorcycle Challenge!